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Manglik matrimonial portal - An option to get better matchmaking

Marriage is always considered sacred and pious in India. It is termed as the meeting of soul mates who take vows to stand and love each other, whatever it takes. Such a bond is not developed easily and effortlessly. Somehow, finding that soul mate is the biggest task in this whole mystical process of marriage. In India, there is school of thoughts, which think th.... Read More..

Manglik dosha- There is need to address this issue for successful marriage life

Manglik dosha is caused by the planet Mars, when it appears to acquire a place in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the native. Mars is fierce of all planets and any little activity of Mars can cause trouble in the lives of people or their better half's. The severity of its affects is lined up according to its presence in different houses of the .... Read More..

Importance of Manglik marriage in happy marriage life

Marriage is a sanctified thing; at least it is what we Indians think about marriage. When two people get married, they bind their fate together and take vows to be there for each other, always. We all want a perfect life partner for ourselves who are compatible with us. Marriage is based typically on kundalis in Hindu tradition but somehow, Mangliks have somethin.... Read More..

Are you a manglik?

There is nothing wrong in being a Manglik. Mangliks are normal people. Most importantly, Mangliks should realize that being a Manglik is not a matter to be afraid of; it is not the end of the world for them. Matters pertaining to the intensity of the Manglik Dosha and its cancellation play major roles and these are to be studied deeply.

One of the biggest misconceptions and fears .... Read More..

Misconceptions about Manglik Dosha

Some of the most common misconceptions about the planet Mars is that if a person is born on a Tuesday, then he is said to be a Manglik or Mars-dominated native. But it is not true. Another misconception is "double Manglik Dosha" , which is a term being used by many astrologers. There is no such term as "Double Manglik Dosha" , which refers to Mars being in any of the above mentioned houses a.... Read More..

For Matrimonial Relationship There Is Need Of Positive Arguments

We all are aware that when two people are getting into matrimonial relationship, they are coming from two different families, and both of them been brought up differently and thus different min

.... Read More..