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Misconceptions about Manglik Dosha

Some of the most common misconceptions about the planet Mars is that if a person is born on a Tuesday, then he is said to be a Manglik or Mars-dominated native. But it is not true. Another misconception is "double Manglik Dosha" , which is a term being used by many astrologers. There is no such term as "Double Manglik Dosha" , which refers to Mars being in any of the above mentioned houses and also in its own sign or in exaltation. On the contrary, Mars in own house or exaltation will considerably reduce the ill effects of the Manglik Dosha. The most famous misconception about being a Manglik is that if he/she is married to a non-Manglik, then the spouse is bound to die. The above can be seen in a few cases, where Mars is severely afflicted; overall strength of the horoscope also needs to be checked.